Five days journey to Iceland

Five days journey to Iceland

About event

Juorney to Iceland

The Five-days journey that we thought combines the best moments of the Icelandic nature with trip for pleasure with super jeeps. Super fun, action and relaxation cabin, shopping, party and and and... J And especially:… It doesn`t obly for young people…. On the countrary!

It would be wonderful, and not only I would be joyful if join to us also many people at middle-aged J and to form a premier Extreme Events group, as recently formed in Austria, Slovakia, Chile and Gabon. J

And by the way what we`ll experience:

We`ll visit the "Blue Lagoon"  , will spend the night in a beautiful new hotel directly to the port, will enjoy the rustic mountain lodges, you will learn the technique of Icelandic driving and crossing our vehicles the glacier Myrdalsjokull.

We`ll crossing rivers, will loosening in hot flows, will visiting the geysers and boiling springs, we'll taste traditional Icelandic dishes in the bosom of unforgettable nature, will celebrate with a guitar romance, grill, BBQ, together will make breakfast after party and overnight shelterJ, will travel thousands miles with our super jeeps, black lava sand, we`ll eat lobster and and and. .. much more.

CcCome, come! ... Your memories are the only that which no one can`t take away. J

Here is the plan:

Go to Germany / Frankfurt /Thursday /11.04.2013 / 14.00 h

Arrival in Iceland / Reykjavik /Thursday /11.04.2013 / 15.35 h

Return from Iceland / Reykjavik / Tuesday / 16.04.2013 / 07.25 h

Arrival in Germany / Frankfurt / Tuesday / 04.16.2013 / 12.50 h

Day 1/ Thursday / Reykjavik / 11.04.2013

- Crossing the VIP shuttle in Keflavik airport and departure to the "Blue Lagoon" .... to get our unique bath and relaxing ...
- Join to the VIP shuttle at our hotel
- Check-in and drink for welcome
- Joint dinner at hotel
- Open end

Day 2/ Friday / Reykjavik / Glacier Myrdalsjökull - Valley Porsmörk / 12.04.2013
- 08.00 o`clock breakfast at hotel
- At 09.15 hours departure
-Our super jeep will be front of the hotel
- Will be distributed in cars (as factors of attraction and promilles J J 2 to 4 people in one car which according to their desire can be changed during the driving)

- We will departure from Reykjavik to Glacier Myrdalsjökull.
- You`ll arrive at the site, it's time for new experiences J ....
We will seek ways and will drive in the glacier according to opportunities, the weather and the snow conditions will reach the plateau of the glacier and the newly formed volcanic craters Magni and Modi.

-The morning we`ll spend around and on the glacier, with a break for lunch in the early afternoon we`ll going to direction The valley "Porsmörk – one of the favourite place  of the Icelanders.

- On the way, we will visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country -  the waterfull of the rainbow, we will cross various rivers on our way to the end.

- Arriving we`ll enjoy of the evening, together we will prepare a barbecue grill, we will spend the night in a lovely quaint in little mountain hut/near to the volcano, which until not so long ago had stopped the carriage and caused turmoilJ

- Hüttengaudi (!), Romance with guitar and open-ended JJ

Day 3// Saturday / Valley Porsmörk  – Landmannalaugar / 13.04.2013

- 09.00 breakfast in our mountain hut

- At 10.00  Departure

- When we leave the valley Porsmörk and before we start searching way of the Irish mountains at Landmannalaugar, we leave our cars to be transported by airplane above the black lava sand in Atlantic foreshore of Iceland ….. and will dip one finger in Gulfstream J

- After “ the sandy trip” - in the rest of the day” - in the rest of the day we`ll fight on our way to Landmannalaugar, because we`ll be rewarded in the evening with the arrival of one of the most spectacular places in Iceland.

- The mountain and rock formations are mixed with the vapors of the river landscapes, heat flow will be invited to bathe and enjoy to another, unique and unforgettable evening in the country of volcanoes.

- Together, the team will prepare for our dinner later and enjoy to the fresh Icelandic fish in our second mountain hut.

- With the ringing guitar, wine, beer and looooots of joy will ended .... with open end J

Day 4/ Sunday / Landmannalaugar – Reykjavik / 14.04.2013

-At 09:00 o`clock breakfast in our hut

-At 10:00 o`clock departure

-Back on the road to civilization, to say goodbye to Landmannalaugar, will going near to the volcano Hekla, taking the course for the biggest waterfalls in Iceland - Gullfoss.

- We'll going near to the geysers in an area full of boiling springs, before we beyond the threshold of the Iceland restaurant and together to taste the lobster cooked by Icelandic recipe

- In the evening we will meet again with the comfort of the hotel in the Icelandic capital, we`ll return the cars to our accompanying crew and relaxing after a hot shower in the peaceful atmosphere of cool hotel bar.

Day 5 / Monday / 15.04.2013

- This day is dedicated to the choice by our own needs and can be arranged individually or in small groups.

- Whoever wants: can sleep, go to massage, jump into a hot pool, hire charges for transportation or consider Reykjavik, to shop in the city, to sail with boat in the sea, to ride Iceland pony or or or……

-At 7:00 o`clock – breakfast

-Meeting at 18:00 o`clock in the hotel

- Final farewell dinner in "Grillmarket"

- ………….. with open end:)

-Downtown we comes:)

Day 6 / Thursday / Reykjavik – Frankfurt / 16.04.2013

 - 4.30 hours Fool VIP-airport / arrival 5.30 hours
  - 7.25 hour back flight  to Germany