hoehenexpedition in chiles anden

 Mounting of a Commemorative  Sculpture on the volcano Ojos del Salado


A special Team 

                                   The highest volcano on earth

                                                                                      An extraordinary challenge 

 Andean - high altitude expedition  with dedication and humanitarian-cultural focus 

Under the patronage of the German Ambassador in Chile, an international team  left for the highest volcano on earth on 26th February 2011, in order to effect a technical performance and to dedicate it.

On the way, mutual appreciation, admission, trust and respect have been the basis of our team and the prerequisite for the achievement of expedition objectives.  In deep solidarity with Chile, the international team of Chileans, Germans and  Swiss dedicated the performance and the success of the expedition to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Chile in February 2010.

In honorable memory of those who lost their lives or were heart stricken by this incidence, the team has placed a commemorative sculpture of the Chilean artist Jacqueline Narváez Espinoza on the highest mountain of Chile in March 2011.

The desire of the team and all participating partners was and is to honor the  memory of those people who lost their lives during the earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2010 and to help preventing a too rapid neglect of the still existing need. This desire - as the dominant part of the project - forms a unit together with a later establishment of a second, corresponding memorial sculpture in the central earthquake area.

In both sculptures – donated by the German Joachim Alexander Beyer from Mainz – the young, the Chilean artist converted the destructive forces of the disaster on the one hand and the determination of the people “not to give up” on the other hand, into an impressive expression from our point of view.

Reasons for the dedication and donation are our experience, impressions and  insights that we achieved within the initiation, organization and realization of a relief project – Chileans who got into a predicament due to the earthquake/tsunami. They strongly increased their meaning to us which should be reflected in the present high altitude expedition project.

With the realization of the technical expedition proposition, the installment of the sculpture and the dedication, the team and all participating partner companies and people aim with friendship and solidarity to place decent emphasis.

Matthias Jeschke, who already realized other difficult expeditions and performed extraordinary events with vehicles, has managed the expedition in Chile with his partners, including many Chilean friends. The commitment to explicit and mutual consideration, to fairness, esteem and respect of the partners has formed the unique basis for an extraordinary project.

Further information, TV-footage material and pictures of the expedition will soon be

available for download via: www.ee-mj.com

Special thanks to all our sponsors, friends, supporter, partner and proponents of  the project in Chile, Germany, Swiss and the USA.